What is Cue the Curves?

Updated: Aug 7

The short version is, Cue the Curves is the space online I wish I had years ago.

Hi there, my name is Charlotte and I am a proud plus size woman (well girl but that doesn't have as good a ring). I spent all of high school searching high and low across the internet to find dresses for formals and cute summer outfits to no avail. Every time I found a plus-sized blogger it was someone in their 30s and she and I had very different ideas of style. On top of the pure logistics of living as a plus-sized teenager, there was also a component of none of my friends understanding what I was going through. As the only plus-sized girl in my grade, it was exhausting trying to explain to my friends why I couldn't just go to the mall with them to find a dress. It got really lonely.

When I started college this past fall I thought it would get easier. My logic was that there were so many more people than there were in my high school I was bound to be around more plus-sized women and have more of a community where I felt represented. That wasn't exactly what happened.

So I decided to finally woman up and start the community I had so desperately been looking for and Cue the Curves was born. My goal is simple: to create a space that makes being a young plus-sized woman a little bit easier. My hope is that whether you're looking for store suggestions, someone to talk to about how they handled different situations or just a place to hear other girl's stories and feel a little less alone, this site will be a place where you can do that.

I can't wait to hear from you all.




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