Sorority Rush Outfits for Plus-Size Girls

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Sorority recruitment is overwhelming in a lot of ways, but we're here to help take one of those worries away: the outfits. Rush outfits are a great way to share your personal style, be memorable, and have a conversation starter. This also means the pressure is on to get it right and as a plus-size woman, I know all too well how much that pressure feels exacerbated. But have no fear, we are here with all of our favorite plus-size friendly rush outfit items to secure that perfect look.

But first, the clothes to avoid during rush...

  • Leggings or any athletic wear

  • Anything low cut

  • Anything skin tight (if you would wear it out to a club, it's probably not the move for rush)

Overall, it's better to err on the side of being more professional (but keeping some personality!)

Open Houses

Open Houses are your first impressions of each house and their first impression of you. While this is the most casual of all of the days of sorority recruitment, a great outfit is a must. Here are some of our favorite plus-size pieces to make sure you stand out and feel great.

This Nasty Gal plus-size dress will make you feel cool and confident during your Open House visit.

This cheery and frilly Aerie plus-size skirt exudes joy and will be sure to keep your cute self in everyone's memories.

This plus-size oversize cable knit vest is the perfect cherry on top to any chic rush outfit, a great match with a plain white tee or slacks.


Round 2 is philanthropy. All sororities have philanthropy that they dedicate themselves towards and is a big part of their lives. This day is a bit fancier but definitely still on the casual end. We love a good romper or shirt/skirt combo, below are our plus-size faves.

The color. The sleeves. Need I say more?

This beautiful oatmeal romper is sure to keep you feeling good and looking incredible.

We love a statement colored pant, especially if it means it'll help you stand out!

This dreamy Princess Polly plus-size romper will have you all set and ready for Philanthropy day.


By Sisterhood the outfits are starting to get a bit fancier but are not full-out yet. Think sundresses or outfits for a nice dinner out with your parents. This is where you especially want to be careful that you are still on the somewhat modest end of the spectrum. Here are some of our plus-size favorites.

We are so into a crochet moment, and this trendy style will have you feeling sleek without getting too hot.

We couldn't help but include this stunning piece in the mix as a lovely plus-size Sisterhood option that'll help your personality shine.

Few colors look better than an emerald green, so we had to give it a nod with these incredible plus-size pants.

This classy and structured floral plus-size dress incorporates such a gorgeous shape to make it a wonderful Sisterhood pick.

Preference Night

Preference night--better known as pref night--is the fanciest of all nights of sorority recruitment. Cocktail dresses are the assumed attire for this night. Our favorite plus-size cocktail dresses are below.

Ow ow! This stunning plus-size dress will have you feeling as amazing as you are on Preference night.

There's never a moment where a pantsuit isn't incredible. Consider this perfect Nasty Gal pink look to wow.

To close out our series, we had to feature this lovely plus-size satin dress that will serve you much beyond Preference Night and make you feel dazzling.

At the end of the day, sorority recruitment is about so much more than what you wear and what you look like. Remember that the sisters you want for life you want to love you for you. But... we also know just how much the right outfit can give us confidence and the strength to show up as our best selves, so we hope this helped and you're going to rock it!

Psst! Looking for even more inspo? Check out our Pinterest board to find outfits for any rush event!

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